Maximum productivity is key to improving machine tool ROI.

High speed machining can be one of the most challenging disciplines in which to achieve maximum productivity. Tool breakage and chatter are symptoms of incorrect high speed machining settings. Typical approaches to dealing with chatter are to reduce depth of cut, reduce spindle speed, and switch to a shorter tool. All are valid, but they can negatively impact machining productivity.

To achieve optimum cutting efficiency with a high quality surface you need to find a stable chatter-free cutting speed that maximizes the Metal Removal Rate (MRR).

Siemens PLM Software has defined a simple calibration process to eliminate chatter and maximize cutting productivity. Learn how easy it is to calibrate your machining process.

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Uncover peak performance in HSM

See the results! Try this simple procedure to eliminate chatter and increase the productivity and ROI on your advanced machine tool.

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